Zing Mp3 album 2016

Ranking second week of Zing Mp3 album recorded the continuing efforts by Vu Thao My. After the young music singles, Vu Thu Phuong niece boldly experimental projects large and winter will last album is the first step. The album gathers songs went into the hearts of music lovers in recent years as When dream about, Another winter day, blew hair …

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Not easy to voice satisfaction was 19 years old when the crowd has just released, she was quite a struggle to make the top 10. With continued efforts, Thao My step by step and gradually persuade listeners affirm body topped by next week. Fans hope young girls will hold performances during toi.co spectacular step when climbing runner with several albums Love how long. After a while sticking with folk music, “he Bo” has returned to conquer young viewers. New product of the handsome singer quickly attracted the attention of fans. Mostly, his fans have for the positive praise for the singer. Wife of Phan Manh Quynh it back down every 3 that many people do not regret. However, the author’s debut album The exes had a “time resounding” so this time forced to abdicate for new competitors.

Clove is present in 4th house with album Love Clove. The album brings together the sweet story, fun is expressed through clear voice, the singer’s cheerful personality. Vocalist from The Voice season mature early are more songs like Babie, Loving You, First … the most wonderful wife of Vu Duy Khanh to drop from fifth 5. This time, the song of male singer on fluctuating on the charts. Lijuan also fell to levels 6 to confide Night album – Khuc love the old 3. However, this is still a successful album, “Queen of the tea room” during 2015.

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Vietnam Trung Ho – Ho Quang Hieu rapidly fall to No. 7 with I was his. Pals unexpectedly brought back old album, but was overtaken newcomers. We will further that of Pham Hong Phuoc inched slightly up every 8 but also difficult to hope “beyond dancing disciplines” in the near future. The album marked the combination of vocals When adults loneliness and Destiny getting positive attention from the blogosphere. Fans hope mature male singers from Vietnam Idol will continue to collaborate with vocalists dream noon. Nhat Kim Anh be present at the 9th house with husband Cha album bride. After a long time for my family, the singer and actress was back in the music marked forte. Love you did not attempt to close Bui Vinh Phuc’s top 10 albums this week.


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