the Lulu roundabout

نقلا عن موقع منظمة أصوات عالمية بعد  أن ترجمه عن مدونة بحرك يافا:

The Palestinian blogger, Muhammad Abu-Allan wrote about that resemblance in

his blog.

From now on, the Arab capitals will be known by the squares there, that became a the symbol of freedom and people’s demands to topple the unjust and corrupted regimes. After Bourguiba Avenue in Tunis, and Tahrir Square in Cairo, here comes the Lulu roundabout in Bahrian.

The political regime in Bahrain, like other Arab regimes refuses to learn the lessons from what happened in Tunisia and Egypt. They do not want to understand that when people ask for their freedom, detention and murder will never be able to stop them. In fact, the brutal reactions of the Arab security forces are now more like fuel for the people’s revolutions against unjust and corruption.