Free ali abdulemam

Ali Abdulemam, a leading Bahraini blogger, Global Voices Advocacy author, and the founder/editor of was arrested on September 5, 2010 by Bahraini authorities for allegedly spreading “false news” on, one of the most popular pro-democracy outlets in Bahrain, amidst the worst sectarian crackdown by the government in years.

Ali was also arrested in 2005 and detained for two week.

On September 4, Ali received a phone call requesting his appearance at the NSA. He was later arrested and has been detained since.

His arrest was claimed by the Ministry of Interior to be “part of the investigations into the terrorist network accused of planning and executing a campaign of violence, intimidation and subversion in Bahrain”. 23 other individuals were arrested and charged with involvement in a terrorist plot.

Since Ali’s arrest, Bahrain Online has been unavailable. Reports that Ali may have been forced to reveal the password of the site have been confirmed by members of his team, who cannot access it using their passwords.

We will continue to update this page and the blog.

Please visit our site (below) for more information on how you can support Ali. 

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