The merchant and his wife, the mad, and the million dinars

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:This article is due to a story I’ve been told by a friend

My friend said:” A wealthy merchant sat under a tree depressed and sad because he lost all
his money. After a few hours, a man in his 50’s passed by him and asked: “Why are sad and frowning”. The merchant told him” I’ve lost all my money and I’m thinking of committing suicide because there are no answers and no point of my existence”. The old man said:” that’s your problem? Then, I’ll lend you a check worth one million dinars. Take it and solve all your problems and a year from now I will be here waiting for you to give me back the check.”  The merchant didn’t believe what just happened and he was very happy and excited so he was filled with positive energy and ran home to his wife to tell her what has just happened to him

The wife said:” I have an idea. Why don’t you keep the check without touching it and start again with new energy by collecting our money and debts from the people and merchants and step by step we get our trade back. The husband accepted the idea

The merchant and his wife enthusiastically started working to get their money back. After months, the business began to return to its usual and the energy keeps increasing. A year passed and the time to return the check to the old man back came. The merchant held the check and went 1 hour before the appointment to see the old man. He kept waiting for hours and then a doctor passed by him. Then, the merchant asked her:” Did you see anyone. I’m waiting for an old man here” and she asked why? The merchant told her:” a year ago, he lent my “a check” and I have to return it back today. She added:” you are one of the mad man’s victims”,” he has Alzheimer and this paper is worthless. The old man has been given it to all sort of people

Positive energy and accomplishments
Years ago, in Palestine and some European countries, I started working on a project called” Beautiful Palestine”. The notion of “imaginary” energy that humans and in particular Palestinians possess, took control over my thinking for years. And indeed I began to work on this concept, the concept that opened future professional doors and important life experiences in no time. However, the thing that matters to me is self-conciliation. At that moment, I understood that the secret of life lays in two quotes: “on this earth, there’s something that makes life worth living” by Mahmoud Darwish and “nothing builds self-esteem and respect for self like achievements” by Tomas Carlyle

In the beginning of 2010, I felt a load of negative energy surroundings me saying:” Saed you are filming and writing about an imaginary Palestine. Where does this beauty lay?” These thoughts kept spinning in my head till they put me in a fair place. Write about the negatives and positives of Palestine. I approached the style satire to criticize the Arab and the Palestinian society regarding their politics, economics, mentality, and socially searching for a common ground between negativity and positivity. Here I am again after hearing the story of the merchant and the check, I say “Be proud to be a Palestinian Arab.”
It’s true that there are countless problems in our societies but there’s true life, the beauty of nature, and the beauty of people and their spirits. Despite the world’s attempts to distort our collective memory, reference, and brainwashing, the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions brought a pure rain to wash the region, change the stereotypical image, and to prove the world we’re educated strong societies and nothing will change their pure human Arabic element

In my last visit to Tunisia in November 2, 2011, I met many of my writer friends, bloggers, photographers, and activists whom changed the Arab world’s map in their energies and minds. I saw love for Palestine in their hearts and eyes. The reason is because we are as Palestinians are proud of and have respect for our scientific, cultural, literary, social, and institutional achievements -which undergone and still undergoing all means of Israeli marginalization and destruction, in addition to the failing policies of the Arabic and Palestinian parties- transferred the terrific energy to the hearts of our dear Arabic friends and their love grew even more

Nowadays, we are the youth have proven for the world that we bear a power that no youth in the world bears. We’re armored with faith for true change. We own the weapon of building, volunteering, and achieving. This increases respect in the eyes of the world. Today, we’re standing in front of Arabic revolutions breaking the ties of some of the prisoners. We’re standing in front of intellectual and social revolutions that may take some time to change the backward past

If you looked deep inside you, you will see you’re a Palestinian who lived under the world’s injustice and under a system of ignorance and destruction. Despite that, now we’re appearing in every corner in the world. For example, when you hear economic, scientific, or cultural success in someplace in the world, you come to realize it’s an Arab or a Palestinian behind it and that what scares the world and Israel. Also, that’s what they’ve been trying to change in our sub-consciousness to increase the negativity and failures in our lives

Indeed we succeeded and will succeed in building after all the attempts of destruction. We will change the world’s pattern with time. This isn’t theorizing but that’s what history proves. There wasn’t a nation under occupation and suppression and stayed under that for long. They always win and succeed. We’re as Palestinians and Arabs desperately need more work, science, and energy. So, you Palestinians and Arabs stand up and be proud. You’re free

Saed Karzoun
Translated by: Manal Jaber