Brain is a decoration piece: girls are guys and guys are girls

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:The idea of this essay came across my mind while I was trying to “speak my heart” on my Facebook page saying

By the way, I extensively observe a recognizable psychological shifting in our mentality in the society we live in; in Ramallah we’re “Arabs” have become a minority comparing with the number of foreigners, rather female foreigners. I am certainly not against that but it would be nice to think of its analyze the subject matter and this shifting in the last few years. Another phenomenon is the transformation of males into females with regard to their looks, moves, and way of talking” cool guys” and the transformation of females into males and losing their best characteristics which is femininity and considering it as a sign of weakness and shame

I’ve wrote this “expressive note” to receive more than 30 likes and many comments in this lower area of earth. However, I exploded in my sharp unexpected comments as follows

“I indeed must write an essay about it today. It’s unbelievable what’s happening about the concept of freedom. This universal system has lots of positives. However, one of its major negative impacts worldwide is transforming us into molded consuming minds. On the one hand, I see guys whose ways of behavior disgust me. Though, this doesn’t mean that manly means cruel, sharped tonged, or barbaric. It simply means that males don’t need to pretend to be a fafy or a kitkat so that girls like them if that’s what they think girls like

On the other hand, females are starting to think that freedom is about telling sexual jokes 24/7, day and night, cursing in a barbaric way and having sexual relationships with whosoever in the name of freedom and openness. In addition, females are afraid to be spoiled, wear skirts, or wear light feminine color cloths because it’s a disgrace to seem weak. Human subjects are never like this”

The subject matter became clearer after this introduction. There is a huge difference between the transformation that females and males are undergoing in their” psychology of the external style” and between homosexuality which in itself requires a separate essay. So, the issue is about guys” cool guys” who think that by their transformational new style, they attract more girls and as one of my friends said:” I deeply would like to meet a manly man whom I can depend on”. Moreover, for those females who think being feminine, classy and tactful indicates weakness. I’d like to quote a male friend saying:” I would like to meet a real female”

Unfortunately, nowadays, these consuming thoughts are chantingly taking control over our minds to bring into existence the daily consuming actions and norms. The previous example about the transformation of females into males and vice versa is due to crucial reasons of which; the traditional upbringing notions of shame, halal, haram. Also, the shaping of a stereotypical cognitive consciousness to conform to the unacceptable behaviors of the society, environment, and traditions is one of reasons. Moreover, sexual repression, rigorous extremism in religious thoughts which lead to the establishment of two streams; the consuming freedom stream and the extremism consuming religion stream, etc

An example concerning the transitions in the ideology of religious thoughts in the Middle East especially after the Arab spring

Scene 1: Freedom has become about claiming once freedom either by taking off clothes in mid towns or taking photos while being nude. Don’t you think it’s a consuming scene ranking first? What do we mean by sexual freedom here? Why are we relating the concept of freedom only to sexual freedom and being nude? Isn’t there any more humane way of expressing my sexual freedom that is more respectful to the notion of “human” freedom? Bathing suits and bikinis are perfectly appropriate and wonderful when you are sitting on a beach under the sun. However, common sense doesn’t indicate that wearing bathing suits in colleges and in streets and the breaking away from tradition’s authority and the “negative” social contexts are out of absolute creativity. That’s something I always stress and call out for; rather we must create our own selves, improve our accomplishments, and succeed. However, we must differentiate between free behavior and the disgusting consuming behavior

Scene 2: the behavioristic religious transitions in the application of religion where women have to cover their whole bodies with a black piece of cloth that a habashi slave can’t even bear in a hellish summer. Where’s the religious logic that appeals to all of us to honor the body in the best and most beautiful cloths? Because this act is one of the ugliest consuming minds to cover the face. However, we’re not calling to repeat scene 1. Is this what Allah want? I doubt that. Allah wants us to communicate humanly and stay away from the consuming mentality and the illogical rigor that is far away from the beauty and tolerance of religion. Through these behaviors we’re conveying a deceitful picture of our feelings, who we are, and our tolerant religion. Also, we’re unconsciously shaping consuming minds that observe woman’s body as a product or commodity for their sexual pleasures. Leave it as it is to become a normal thing

These elements created “a new female” and “a new male”. Not to boarding and prolonging the talk, you can go up and read my quotations that I’ve written on Facebook. In each word, there are an endless number of texts and analyses

Upon reaching the phase of liberation of the consuming context, sexuality, and religious extremism, I’m positive that we’ll be free of all the barriers that stand between our minds and human evolution, our productivity and accomplishments, and enjoying our life with its beautiful details

Writer: Saed Karzoun

Translated by: Manal Jaber


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