PALCONNECT – The First Palestinian Social Media Conference

بواسطة , نوفمبر 18, 2011 9:15 ص

The First Palestinian Social Media Conference
6 – 4 December
This is the first-ever Palestinian conference for social media. It will be held over a period of 3 days in the city of Ramallah on 4th to
6th December 2011 at the Ramallah Cultural Palace. The event will target and be open to Palestinian social media activists, journalists, media professionals, media outlet managers and representatives, academics, students, civil society representatives, ICT
entrepreneurs, and business community members from across the West Bank and the Gaza Strip

The goal of the conference is to gather Palestinians from various sectors together for the first time in one location to start a dialogue about the Palestinian social media landscape and the potentially important role it can play in building and strengthening Palestinian civil society, economic, and educational competitiveness. The conference will assist Palestinian social media practitioners, universities, journalists, and private sector representatives to organize and expand their networks, increase their knowledge, understanding, and use of new and innovative tools and technologies to benefit their efforts, get products to markets, and learn how to “tell their stories” more effectively. The conference will include presentations; panel discussions; work groups; strategy المزيد 'PALCONNECT – The First Palestinian Social Media Conference'»