Documentary Film-Imm-Ashraf

بواسطة , مارس 31, 2011 12:11 م

Directed by: Saed Karzoun

How beautiful is her spirit when you see her laugh with all that spontaneity and simplicity, you can feel the strength of a Palestinian woman when you meet her. The fact that Imm Ashraf is seventy five years old, and the fact that she’s been raising five children have failed to stop her from pursuing her work, as she always used to say: “I won’t listen to anyone, and as long as I can work, I won’t quit.” With those simple words and their deep connotation, Imm Ashraf reflects her believes in her right of working as a woman, her right in living freely without any interference from anyone, not showing any concern for all the gossip. This is the notion of an 18 minutes documentary entitled “Imm Ashraf” which entails many sentimental issues concerning women. Directed by Saed Karzoun

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