To Dr. Salam Fayyad: Where is the present for the Palestinian youth before combustion

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It was said that Dr. Salam Fayyad is an official who recognizes the important role of young people in development and that he constantly seeks to create solutions, mainly economic and thus political. A taxi driver once even said that Dr. Fayyad tries his best to establish a solid institutionalized society

Well, all this is nice and certainly breath-taking, yet, Pardon me Doctor, but I’m a young person who hasn’t seen your position’s benefit for the Palestinian youth practically speaking

Some people say that articles and talks are nothing but empty bubbles of air, and that we young people won’t push to make change even if a young person sets himself on fire over the minaret. That’s what I call disappointment and fear of change

Seeing the state of fear that young people are experiencing as a result of the disappointment from the political parties and factors such as economic erosion and desertification, as well as a result of building an institutionalized society relying on bank loans which drown young people, and continuing the series of my (practical) articles: “Currently in Palestine: everything is for 100 shekels” and “Future projects for the upcoming state of Palestine” I decided to write my letter before witnessing a young person setting himself on fire, which would eventually lead to a hard-to-reverse crazy loss of control, source of my repetitive fear, and I hope that this time the issue will be taken positively

I certainly respect the volume of activities carried out by Dr. Salam Fayyad, ranging from setting up a project here and there, stepping down and meeting ordinary people -this is the natural way that should be – but why not think about more practical solutions to help alleviate the tension of the Palestinian street especially after watching the young Tunisian and Egyptian experience. For that, my pen holds a number of simple ideas that won’t weigh down the shoulders of the Palestinian Authority’s budget and will help create a base of conscious youth aware of the role of officials in the process of creation of alternative practical solutions

For example:
Why can’t we be surprised by Dr. Fayyad announcing support for youth pilot projects that carry simple and profound creative ideas? I know there are a large number of those initiatives among young people out there searching the unknown world for a helping hand to take the first step. Here we are talking about a less than modest yet sufficient budget to actually create a better image of Palestine, its youth and its officials

Payment of College costs for needy students who will be asked to pay the sum back as soon as they get their first job, in order to allocate the same amount to support another student

Support young people’s small business ventures related to the fields of business investment in the form of loans, to be paid back at a later time. Such a move would create strong youthful commercial mobility

To provide young people with professional training opportunities outside of Palestine. This will achieve a number of results such as: a young person would get the opportunity to travel and therefore observe closely the course of events in the world; benefit from of a vocational training that would lift up his thoughts towards the positive and conscious change; carry an optimistic vision after receiving a professional and psychological outlet to be back fueled with many positive ideas

To support young people’s creative ideas of movies to be broadcasted on the Palestine TV and with that we’ll realize that we’ve created better chances for Palestinian TV to broadcast ideas from the Palestinian street which is carrying the vital thoughts of the youth and thus increase the rate of viewers and promote conscious change

For the doctor to appear on the national TV and be the first Arab official to announce a news such as “My brothers and beloved ones, I announce to you that the Palestinian Authority has decided to pay electricity and water bills for every Palestinian family in need” or, for example, “I declare that the Palestinian Authority decided to reduce the price of gas or transportation or bread” etc

Strengthening the bonds with real youth organizations by reaching out to young people, listening to their realistic ideas, taking those into account and providing the opportunities for them to volunteer in order to better achieve and construct those ideas by their hands and intellect

And of course my pen still bears more ideas which I will leave to time and the seriousness in dealing with them, so as we move from a situation of theorizing to the process of construction and education that encourages criticizing for the best

Why am I directing my optimistic questions to Dr. Salam Fayyad? It’s because the taxi driver was praising him, and I fear the praises based on formalities, but it’ a beautiful seed that we- young people-are reaching out for change. And nothing is better than change before it is too late

Just for the record: the word “present” in the title was used to grab the reader’s attention and create a sort of a comfortable feeling, but it’s a national, ethical, social responsibility and not a gift

Saed Karzoun
February 1st, 2011
Translated by Kacem Jlidi – Tunisia

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5 ردود على “To Dr. Salam Fayyad: Where is the present for the Palestinian youth before combustion”

  1. Shady قال:

    I’ve been always watching those people whom ask the authorities in my country and i guess all the arab countries .. no! i bet all the countries in our universe, I’ve always saw them talk about the youth .. the most precious treasure in the world, that power which has not been used as well. In our Arab world the response for those requests ..humm we can say 5% of those people whom started to use that power for the benefit of their countruies and even i think it’s a high percentage.
    now in 2011 refered to all the change in our countries which has been leaded by youth no doupt, I think that authorities must think again .. if they love these countries as we do, they will understand ..and if they don’t so they better leave it for those whom can lead and please look around if you didn’t learn yet, if u did’t understand yet look at what can we – youth – do !
    well Saed, i suppost you and what has been said in this srticle, but on the other hand, i will talk about my self, i realized how much i was neglectful to learn, to be aware of everything as well and as it should be, i realized how much i cared about silly things in my life and neglect developing my social skills and my role in that socity .. briefly, I meant that we – youth – have alot of things to do and to change beside what we ask the authorities to do.

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