Future Plans for Future Palestine

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Future Plans for Future Palestine

This letter will remain open until the establishment of a Palestinian state, and so I cannot predict who will be the president at that time, or whether existence will still encompasses me. Therefore, I decided to write my will that includes some of the investments for our future Palestine- that hopefully will be freed from the space invasion at that era. The will as follows:

Firstly: History documentation
I serendipitously found out that the history of the Palestinian people is still lost somewhere in a movie, in some blurry pictures, in some old man’s fragile memory, and in a martyr child whom had taken the narrative away to the sky. As I have observed the performance of the organizations; I discovered that I have also lost to the battle of time. I turned to the youth to watch them busy in their bank debts and travel plans. Right then, I individually started to record audio and video interviews of the stories of the dead after their midnight awakening. The funny thing is that when I went back home to watch my films, nothing was there – ghosts cannot be audio/video-taped. Thus, I kindly suggest to our future president that he assigns a decent budget to document the Palestinian narrative.
Secondly: Teaching music to all children
Life is a cyclical investment project. Teaching music is the most important part in the international equation. How is that?

If we breastfeed our children music – not as a profession; they will develop a good listening taste. And so the levels of concentration in their school topics will boost to the utmost, which will lead to excellent education. Afterwards, we will reach a position of order. If the order spreads all over, the country will accomplish a state of progress.

This is the broad theme, and the bottom line is: Music is just like every other language, disciplined by motion and stillness. It is the universal tongue of all nations. It makes us realize the dimensions of each culture as a whole, not only the musical of it.  Music has opened the doors for us to innovate through learning other (musical) languages and listening sincerely to others and also become creative and dedicated in whatever we do. That is how we acquire high productivity in various sectors, because music teaches us the ways of systematic and harmonic team-work just like an Orchestra.

Thirdly: A Child is a life project
The change of the common behavior of marriage as a way to satisfy sexual needs only relies on the previous project mentioned. Music will get people to a conscious mental status that is aware of the challenges and consequences of ridiculing an important life project like kids.
The idea of having and raising a baby is considered to be a great task. We however still look at it as a simple thing needn’t of any experience/reading/culture, but merely as a sexual concern. To all of you who get married for sex: A child is a complete project that needs to get the best raising, respect, appreciation, care, tenderness and education, with the intention of creating an educated young person aware of his just cause and life; so as to be able to produce and develop another child with the same recipe for productivity and well-built structure. And accordingly, we get to the phase of building and producing.
Fourthly: Establishing a real scientific research center.
Naivety states: This who doesn’t search; does not progress. Brevity states: The country’s plan needs a research center that investigates, develops, builds up, and schemes to assist people figure out future difficulties through qualitative advanced research and not through quantitative research that only complies with the donors regulations!
Those were the projects of the future Palestinian state. It is crucial to point out that the projects are all one movie that includes: director, scenario, performers, fine lighting engineering, sound engineering, music, costumes, equipments of recording and montage, public relations for promotion, archive, and other things. This means that the movie needs a combining circle of all these elements to call it a success in theatres. Individual effort alone does not actually help much; we need to get all the performers in front of one camera and following one scenario on the way to attain a positive and influential change.
By: Saed Karzoun


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