A love Story between Oud and Guitar: A Spiritual Act and a Conscious Insanity

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Despite the difference between act and spirit to some people, I still see this difference as a state of melodic harmony that is associated with a physical relation within the spiritual circle sewed up by music. However, insanity and its relation to the conscious is, as well; an inevitable outcome. It is the train that takes me away to the world of music to the extent of insanity and spiritual vulnerability passing by a cognitive status and some physiological exercise, then reaching that condition of self clarity and individual reconciliation. This is what the title is all about. My story with music follows; exposed from the private to the public and turning into a verity of existence!

The little devil

In my elementary school, I was a naughty student and a violent little devil. The first place was definitely some big shot for me; this is exactly how it was! Every year, I break my own record in failing: Math, English, Arabic, and Science. But when it came to P.E. and Arts; I was the only one standing out. Dad’s famous commentary was “You have money, you have a respectable life, and everything is accessible; what is it that is missing for you to become a human being?!” I used to protest in my secret: “Lord please, I’ve learned this symphony by heart!” And my days passed exactly like that until my dad’s verdict of me learning music. And then..

Me learning music

After moving around between different educational levels due to my obvious brightness in schools, my dad- who was already involved with music concerts and conservatories; decided to teach me music at the age of ten. I still remember him saying: “I guess it’s time for us to teach this kid some music, maybe he could play the oud in the band with me and do something useful in his life!” And for real, he bought me the oud and had me registered in the Conservatory in Ramallah.

At that moment; the world was not large enough to contain my happiness of getting into the conservatory. Not because I loved music, but because of all the pretty girls out there. Yes, that was the reason despite my young age. The learning process has begun. As days went by along with the spiteful looks of my teacher due to my stupidity even in music; I felt that oud was not my kind of instruments. I asked my dad to teach me the drums- he strongly refused. After almost two months, a girl with a guitar showed up. Wonderful; a new and hot student! Hence, the story has begun.

The love story between oud and guitar

One month passed since this pretty student had been in the school as I became the polite hardworking disciplined and very accurate student. Thanks to the guitar girl! It was enough for me to just stare at her as she smiled. One time, she passed by me and her guitar hit my oud. That very instant, my heart jumped out of my chest dancing to that strikes of the strings. I spontaneously thought she liked me. After the class was over; I dragged my childish body and went on to her to confess my love. I got there; standing up as my face changed into the different colors of the Palestinian flag and a damaged traffic light- yellow into red then green and black, she laughed. I elevated to the sky. She was a little bit taller than me.

“How old?” she asked.

Explicitly smiling I replied: “Ten and a half years.”

I laughed and so did she, then said: “I am fifteen years old.”

I frowned, I did not laugh at all.

I got into a mood of intense and despicable grief. My plans rolled down the stairs and fell apart like some rotten apricots. The girl was older than me. Despite that, I couldn’t deny that she helped me indulge into the love of music.

And so has continued surfing the musical waves and notations and oriental rhymes. On one hand, it needs a lot of mental concentration and speed to turn a signal into a motion producing a tune out of a string. On the other hand, it requires compatible promptness in striking fingers among strings. As if you are passionately rubbing a blond girl’s back; your fingernails reach out for her hair and touch the sweat dropping down to more beautiful and sensitive parts of her body.

After surviving this artistic sweet battle; I came to realize the diverse dimensions of communicating and dealing with the humans surrounding, and the various methods of studying with teachers, friends, girlfriends, and with life … I look at it with a positive attitude that is romantic and energetic; at the same time as it is realistic and imaginary. The most important thing is that music was my motivation to finish Tawjihi with an honor degree and pursue my college major in Media and Journalism.

The masterpiece is not complete yet and improvisation is still on…

Saed Karzoun

Translated by: Bisan Samamra

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