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The rain drops heavily on the metal roof, creating a dreadful sound that frightens you to the point of wanting to scream. It is four o’clock in the afternoon, and soon the evening will come, spreading darkness through the narrow streets which are already running with water.

Only at noon on a summer’s day, when the sun sits directly above these streets, can the light reach them; but even when the sun shines on it, the people who walk by this place do not see it.

I step out of the bus, and walk down a street ten metres wide and one hundred metres long, towards my destination: a refugee camp in Ramallah, where people live with no address. Untitled.

On this occasion, they were ten minutes late for their music theory lesson. Normally, they are very good students: they are always on time, and they practise well. The boy is ten years old and his sister is one year younger; they both play the violin. I was angry because they were late, and I said, “You can’t take the lesson; you’re too late. Why are you so late?” They answered with one word: “ Circumstances.” “I want to know the circumstances.” “We don’t want to tell you. Just circumstances.”

Ten minutes later, wanting to understand, I sit close to the children. I am shocked when I finally discover what made them late.

I won’t sleep why don’t you tell me? They say and the tears in their eyes, “My brothers are at the work and my oldest sister is married. When we come back from school we will prepare the lunch and tidy the house”.

I asked them if your mother and father help you in the housework. They reply with sadness, “our father died and our mother after months died too”.

When I heard this I couldn’t speak and my mind stopped from thinking. My body stood still as a piece of wood. There was a big piece of wood and the hunters shot their arrows and hit the goal. Then, we got into the musical lesson what we wanted is to be one of them and share them their sadness movement as well.

I sat on the chair with no movement trying to hide my tears deeply.

Saed Karzoun


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