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You can choose the stadiums and choose the quality of the weather, and there is a possibility to change the way the joy of the player after the achievement of the goal, as it is keen to game FIFA 2017 to take the views and ratings of excellent sites specialized in video games, and is the strongest competitor to the game Pace 2017 as they are the strongest games in the arena In the field of football games.
New additions to the game:

EA also aims to enable each player to play in his own way and to find a style in the game, as there are many things that have been added to the game and these are:

The company focuses heavily on the attackers by raising the capabilities of each attacker for all teams. It also provides some quirks and how to cover the guns during the attack. This is also the movement that was played by Messi and launched EA on this property No Touch Drippling.
In the modern game Dynamic Crossing is one of the new developments where you are working to update the lift, to become good, that means you can lift the ball away from the defenders and reach the attacker.

The additions that made a boom in the FIFA 2017:

EA always seeks to compete in the field of football games from the series of FIFA versions, where the game of FIFA is a wonderful games that mimic the reality of the fact that left nothing but been manufactured and used in the game, where you can control the selection of the team and choose the plans that play, The manufacturer has developed professional graphics between games with sound effects through the public, new commentators have been added to the games, there is also an amendment in the defenders’ plans, and 12 women’s teams.

For the first time since the launch of FIFA 17, women’s teams have been created and the feature has not been available in previous releases. Among the women teams in the game are: Germany, United States, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, France, Spain, England.

It is remarkable in this game and distinctive that the game Viva 17 contains most of the transfers of players in the teams, especially since there was a lot of transfers after the World Cup Brazil (Cuba America) 2016 and did not exist in FIFA 16.

It also includes player transfers and uniforms updates for many teams. Not only that, FIFA 17 also has a wide range of famous football fields such as Old Trafford and many stadiums around the world that you can choose from without any complications.

You can play online with friends and buy lots of points. You can also create your own team. There is an update on offensive and defensive tactics. All versions of FIFA 2017 enable you to control settings in the game.

It also allows you to choose the weather whether playing at night or day. FIFA 2017 contains a wide range of international leagues and tournaments such as the addition of the Brazilian league, the Chinese Super League, the Korean League.

Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Arsenal. They also have the best players, such as Argentina Messi, Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo and many players such as Neymar, Suarez, Karim Benzema, striker Jesse, and many of the most famous football stars in 2017.

FIFA 1701 FIFA 17 is one of the oldest and most exciting football games in the world since the beginning of its descent from Electronic Arts Games, a company specialized in video games, where the company is always working on the difference and excellence in the versions of the game.

FIFA 1701 FIFA World Cup All the World Cups, such as the Egyptian Premier League, the Premier League, the French Premier League, the Brazilian league, and many other football fields.

FiFa has a great popularity for gamers and football fans because of its high-quality skills and techniques. It is not usual for football games to have women’s football teams. Women’s teams for the first time since the game, including: Germany, United States, Sweden, Australia, France, Spain, England.

The Viva 2017 and FIFA versions also give you the ability to control the game’s system and settings, such as: assigning a particular time to the game, and choosing the preferred team. Downloading the FIFA game is one of the best and most popular football games.

It is characterized by a very high graphics and excellent quality in terms of design, as it is undoubtedly working in 3D, and also contains updates and changes to teams and teams, and there is also a lot of improving the accuracy of the game, as well as improve the charges within the game, and can make improvements to the mode of dodging during playing .

FIFA 2017 has made sure to add very important passes to Anista or David Silva, as well as the ability to dodge and trick, which allows players to dribble the ball, such as: Evade the ball through Messi, where EA has modified the system of elongation is the same movement that can During the game, the player passes through the defensive players and cheats them so the FIFA 2017 is one of the best simulation games for players.

The FIFA 2017 game is one of the oldest football games, which is characterized by the work of updates on the plans and strategies modern and sophisticated in improving the level of graphics, and helps you focus in the

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