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Why Israel can’t have secret prisons?

June 28th, 2009

 Since USA. Shocked because of 11th September episode, which it was Schemed to obtain-not to happen in my point of view, such thing is a matter of fact for the world when the greatest civil engineering specialists investigated the wreckage of the building.

 They were looking for a reason to attack the Muslims countries wherever it is, in order to stop in the growth and spread of Islam, especially in Europe and both of American continents.

This fears which led the world to new concept of fear of terrorism, which corrupted to become (fear of Islam), divided it to be with terrorism or against it and so on fear of Islam. Many of interactions happened in the world, the most surprising among these interactions is crashing of the lonely line of oppositionist and resistance parties of their right to resist occupation, even many of Islamic countries chose to be against world terrorism after they suspected that their countries are terrorists producer.

The American Guantanamo Bay came to the world away from Israel thousands of miles, violating all human rights, and violating Geneva convention related to war prisoners, by the Symbol of democracy USA it self, stand the prison as a new respond and result of growth and spread of Islam in the world. Gathering what they call Islamic militants from several countries, looking for some sort of recognitions help the Federal Government in USA to protect their citizens form terrorists attacks.

Asking myself, if the Americans have done this while they know the volume of fabrications they had innovated, and they are thousands miles away from the Islamic countries surrounding. What could prevent Israeli government  having several secret prisons “Israel’s Guantanamo Bay,” or “Facility 1391,”, while they are occupying Islamic land and dominates the Islamic sanctities especially “Al Aqsa Mosque” in Jerusalem-”Al Quds City”, and Faces Islamic reluctant surroundings?

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