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Mohamed  KRAFESS

Writer and novelist born in 1977 Morocco  (Sidi Kacem region), holds a PHD in literarture, writes fiction and critical works in Arabic and English, as well as studies and articles. He has published his works and articles  in many Moroccan and international periodicals and newspapers. He has  Received several awards in the field of poetry and fiction, including: first prize in the competition of literary creativity, organized by the second Moroccan channel  2M TV in 2007 for his book “Shadow is undressing ,” Award of Merit Dar Naji Naaman for  World Culture and Arts (Beirut) 2009 for his book  “Dream writhing in a boat, “Award of the international library of  Poetry (U.S.) 2008 , Sharjah Prize for literary creativity United Arab Emirates, 2010 for his novel

.” Topography of bread and  homeland ”

He has participated in many  literary and television programs as well as  seminars and workshops in Morocco and abroad

Mohammed KRAFESS  belongs to many literary unions , including

-Union of  Moroccan Internet Writers.
- Supervisor of edition in “Literature neighbour” magazine
- Arab- European Centre for Studies.
- Arab Union of electronic media in Egypt.
- Arab Book Forum in Beirut.
- Honorary membership of the House of Culture Naji Naaman (Lebanon)
- poetasdelmundo.com-Movement poets of the world

Published Books

Shadow is undressing : 2009, poetry, publications of la Croisée des Chemins , Morocco

Dream writhing in a boat : 2010 collection of poems, Egypt, published online www.marwarakha.com

Topography of  bread and homeland “: a novel, 2010, publications of the Department of Culture and Information, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Eugene O’neill’s Philosophy In Long Day’s Journey Into Night  ,
Literary study ,
2011, publishedd by LAP  House, Germany .

Semiotics, jordan, 2019

Grapes of Cubic Memory “: A collection of short stories, Algeria, 2019.
In addition to many articles and studies in different international periodicals and newspapers

To be published

The songs of  Dusk “: poetry


Dear Neruda

By  : Mohamed KRAFESS

To my  son Houssam

In his fourth Walking  Summer

There was a man

Who would talk like a prophet

If he walked

People would cry

And if he stopped

Boys and girls would fast love.

There was a man whom

Birds would kiss

And whom lions who not fight.

Oh ! Neiruda!

We are orphans

Waiting  for you to clean  our souls

Form their flying sins.

Like the nectar of life,

All nature is mortal,

Please send your stanzas

To save our spirits

From human oppression

And to crown us with power .