???Why they did not bring Hala with them

بواسطة , يوليو 18, 2010 8:47 ص

With Great Thanks to Ayesha Saldanha,
She wears a prayer scarf and holds prayer beads between her hands, and asks God – or maybe she is just doing what she has seen her parents do when things get tough for them – she appeals to God to make real her wish or more accurately her grandmother’s wish to see her and hug her and kiss her.
This is Hala, who has not yet completed her first year of life, but she carries the inherited feelings of every Palestinian exile. She is the daughter of a refugee who has seen not a single inch of his land his whole life, and of a mother who lives with her heart split between her homeland and a foreign country, between her family and her marriage, between her mother and her home, between her siblings and her children. Her mind and an important part of her heart are there, and her family and the rest of her heart and her memories are here.
Hala is my young niece who lives in Libya and cannot come to Gaza – which has become everyone’s focus these days. Praise God and ask him to allow her to come to Gaza… She is unable to come because of the difficulty of getting residence in Libya, which means she cannot be sure of returning there where her father who is a displaced person – he does not have an identity number – and the rest of her family are. Hala is searching for someone to say, “Welcome to your country”, and is searching for someone to put her in reach of the affectionate embrace of her grandmother, who adores any picture of her or any video clip in which she appears.
Hala is waiting full of hope, a hope larger than the Libyan ship coming to us here, which I have wished so much she were on so I could embrace her; when they reach I will see in every one of them a piece of Hala’s image, and I will ask them why they did not bring Hala with them.

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