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مارس 7th, 2018
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East Magazine,Italy

English news articles- UPCOMING NEWSPAPER, UK

Journalistic Articles

The Rise and Fall of ISIS: Regional Dynamics and Global Ambitions

Syria: the seven-year crisis

The Price: The end of Iraqi and Syrian Woes and the Vanishing of ISIS

Trump and the Palestinian State

Soft Power in the Middle East: The Invisible Skirmish

Oman: A Peaceful Oasis in a Flaming Region

Putin’s “Completely Fulfilled” Task in Syria

The Middle East: Was the Turkish Model replaced by an Iranian Role

Russia is officially in the region: A new Order has just begun

ISIS: Ambitions and Constrains

When regional stars wanes, others rise in the Middle East

Time to Decide

Hamas Diplomatic Activism: Modified Strategies and new alliances (Arabic Version)

The Arab World and the Rise of non-State Actors (French Version) (Arabic Version)

The Charlie Effect   (Italian Version) (French Version

Is there Peace Partner in Israel? (French Version

The Syrian Tunnel and the Spring (Arabic Version)

Israel’s ‘Protective Edge’: Why Now? (Arabic Version)

The Palestinian National Reconciliation: Regional and International Implications (Arabic Version)

The Gateway to the Middle East and the Exchange of Roles (ِArabic Version)

The Arab World: History of Revolts and Global Nexus (Arabic Version)

Europe, the Arab World and the Spring (French Version) Contreligne  or PDF

Palestine, Israel and the Jewish State

Invisible Strife in a Moribund Middle East (Arabic Version)

Colonial Middle East Strategy: Another Complete Fiasco

Egypt 2013: What Can you Tell? (French VersionContreligne or  politique-actu

Egypt: coup, or a course correction

The Arab World and Democracy

A Conspiracy Theory or National Will  (Arabic Version) (French VersionContreligne, JOL Press or Political Academy

Another Spring: The Middle East between history of revolts and future geopolitics

Will Israel Attack Iran? (Arabic Version)

Israel Strike on Syria: Recurring Scenario- Different Conditions (Arabic Version)

The new State of Palestine: division, Siege, Occupation and the Art of Diplomacy (Arabic Version)

Seeking long- lasting piece and justice in PalestineThe United Nations and Palestinian options

Why All This Fear

Palestinians and ‘Piece’ of the Process (Turkish Version)

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