Not to accept any definition of Sharia law only a definition of the Constitutional Court

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Not to accept any definition of Sharia law but to define the Constitutional Court null11/21/13 2: 47 pm denied News Mohamed salmawy, spokesperson of the amendment of the Constitution, the preamble to the Constitution will include a definition of Sharia law, adding that there is agreement only-admission to any definition only defines the Constitutional Court only.
According to the gate of the Sunrise, “salmawy said he” will discuss the civil State in the preamble to the Constitution, as a for the revolution, “the preamble to the Constitution was supposed to be discussed today, but time did not permit it,” adding that it “will be discussed on Saturday”.
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Security forces arrest son of leader Hassan Malek

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Security forces Misr Akhbar arrest son of Egyptian News leader Hassan Malek null11/18/13, 8: 48 am says a high-level security source in the Interior Ministry, the security forces arrested the son of a Muslim Brotherhood leader Hassan Malek.
According to Sunrise, gate security, said in a press statement, on Monday, he was to take all necessary legal actions against the son of the arrested Hassan Malek, and notify the public prosecutor to initiate an investigation.
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The crimes of secret trial ends Mubarak with a religion

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The crimes of secret trial ends Mubarak certificate DIN 11/17/13 1: 30 pm ends News Egypt Cairo Criminal Court, on Monday, of the secret trial of former President Hosni Mubarak, and his two sons Alaa and Gamal, his Interior Minister Habib al-Adli, and six of his top aides, the fugitive businessman Hussein Salem, accused of killing peaceful protesters during the revolution, and receiving bribery and wasting public money on the sale of Egyptian gas to Israel.
According to Sunrise, hear gate Court on News the testimony of major general Hamdi Tubby former military police commander, and Chief of the military intelligence branch of the armed forces from 25 January 2011 to 31st of the same month.
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Beltagui said from behind bars: prosecution and non-neutral and fair

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Beltagui said from behind bars: prosecution illegal and Egypt news neutral and fair 11/15/2013 10: 22 pm said Dr Mohammed Beltagy, leader in the freedom and Justice Party, held on a number of issues, in Tora prison: “in all the times that we put on the prosecution proved that on behalf of illegal and unfair and impartial in their investigations, while the Court reaffirmed our position turn us the assignment void and that political and lack the minimum degree of fairness and transparency and that, unfortunately, has sided with the other To be an instrument of power to harass political opponents and proved that in many respects “.
Beltagui said in his message from prison, broadcast by the official page via the social networking site “Facebook”, “only the independent role of our defence and lawyers originally is always void the investigations and trials and illegality that Egypt , as part of revenge.”
He concluded: “my heartbreak on judges and prosecutors they be or become satisfied themselves before God, history and this place!”.
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Presidential Decree changes the rules for selecting leaders of research centres

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Presidential Decree changes the rules for selecting leaders of research centres 11/14/2013 2: 08 pm News Egypt President adley Mansour Republican decision to change the system of appointment to leadership positions in a number of research centres and institutes, led by the National Center for research, becoming the choice of election in accordance with the conditions, procedures and criteria for the differentiation of the issuance centres and institutes and research bodies Egyptian News with the participation of a representative of the research staff Club.
According to Sunrise, gate the Republican resolution to ensure that the conditions and criteria of equality and justice among the applicants for these jobs, and achieve better and more efficient selection of elements representing the will of the members of research centres and institutes and research bodies.
By resolution be issued the decision to adopt as a result of this election, appointment of the chosen, by the competent authority.
Include a list of centres and institutes of the National Research Center, National Institute of Oceanography and fisheries, the National Institute of standardization, research and Development Centre, Institute of Theodore bilharz research, petroleum Research Institute, the National Institute for astronomical and geophysical research, Electronics Research Institute, Research Institute for eye diseases, scientific research and technological applications.
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Te: we will get the standard license end 2013

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Te: we will get the standard license end 2013 11/13/2013 10: 32 pm Chief Te Mohamed El nawawy, he is confident of obtaining unified communications license by the end of 2013.
David explained that te, targeting to provide mobile phone services via integrated license, noting that the number of customers in Egypt now is about 35 million customers, is targeted to attract a quarter of subscribers to the new service in 15 months.
Telecom Egypt seeks that the Government owns 80 percent of its shares, to break into the mobile market with a focus on providing integrated services to its customers in the communications field.
The Chairman of Te that third quarter company results News this year, are considered the best in the history of the company, while Vodafone no profits, adding “we have this website share minority in Vodafone Egypt, so the right majority to decide.”
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Security dispersed a demonstration of students bloom Assiut gas canisters

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Security dispersed a demonstration of students bloom Assiut gas canisters 11/13/2013 8: 56 am Walker- News Egypt hundreds of students of Al-Azhar University branch of Assiut, supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi, belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s news demonstrated Wednesday in the campus to protest the trial of Morsi to demand the release of detained colleagues.
Where security forces violently dispersed a demonstration while they leave the University, using tear gas.
A security source said a number of students who tried to block the road, police fired tear gas, and some students threw stones at security forces, adding that the security forces managed to capture the 3 students.
The source, who asked to be named, that count: a detailed memorandum which included acts of violence and vandalism in the League over the past weeks, and included the names of student elements were monitored from the faculties of Sharia and law and medicine, as well as a number of the names that show through the University’s Security Department for students from outside the University joined in the protests within the University including students in secondary school.
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Crisis of LPG to solution

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Crisis News LPG to solution 11/11/13 8: 36 am Walker. com-Media Advisor to Prime Minister Sherif Shawqi, the Prime Minister, continues with the Ministers of oil and supply ongoing actions to resolve the shortage of LPG tubes.
He said that the crisis is on its way to solution within a few days, especially the ministries of oil and had over the past few days, significant efforts to increase the supply of LPG, and tighten controls on smuggling operations, in coordination with Governors under the rules applicable in each province.
He also denied the health Shawgi a newspaper daily, Monday, about the threat to sack Prime Minister of petroleum because of the crisis, he said that this news totally false and has no basis in fact, explaining that the Prime Minister appreciated the efforts made by oil Minister in resolving the crisis.
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The release of 25 accused of aultras Dr

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The release of 25 accused of aultras News David 11/9/13 7: 41 am issued on behalf of the outing, headed by Judge Ahmed wagih, the Chief Prosecutor, the release of 25 accused members of the aultras dasha on the background of the events.
Their release came after he paid members of the fan club “aultras” the value of the damage caused at the airport, which last October during a reception for the Mission of Handball Club and proved the defendants ‘ lawyers told prosecutors their paying for the value of the damage caused by the defendants during the events of the airport, who provided testimony, which has been bound to the prosecution in the case.
Their lawyers said during the hearing at the Police Academy that alaultras does not belong to any political faction.
Muhammad Ibrahim Interior Minister has expressed his willingness to reconcile with aultras David, in order to avoid further demonstrations in the street.
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