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الأربعاء, يوليو 24th, 2013


Degree Programme Fees

الخميس, يوليو 18th, 2013

Tuition Fees
Application Fees

£50.00 GBP. No application will be considered unless accompanied by the application fee.
Degree Programme Fees
BBA, BSc, BA and all Bachelor programs

£4000.00 for the full degree programme regardless of duration
(programme fees £3000.00 GBP plus £1000.00 GBP supervisor’s professional fees)
MBA, MSc, MA and all Master programs

£4500.00 for the full degree programme regardless of duration
(programme fees £3000.00 GBP plus £1500.00 GBP supervisor’s professional fees)
PhD, DBA and all Doctorate programs

£5000.00 for the full degree programme regardless of duration
(programme fees £3000.00 GBP plus £2500.00 GBP supervisor’s professional fees)
Installment schemes are available as follows:
£1500.00 programmme fee deposit & supervisor’s professional fees Payable on acceptance of offer of a place & on appointment of supervisor
£1500.00 first installment Payable three months after registration
£1000.00 second installment Payable six months after registration
£1000.00 third installment Payable nine months after registration
Advanced Payment Discount

AUOL offers a 10% discount off the total tuition/programme fees for students who choose to pay in full at the time of registration.
Second Degree Fees

Graduates of AUOL who register for a second degree at the University will benefit from the University’s 15% discount if programme fees are paid in full at the time of registration.
Withdrawal and Tuition Fee Refund Policy

A student who withdraws for legitimate reasons will be eligible for a refund of tuition fees already paid in accordance with the following schedule:
During the first week of enrollment40%
During the second, third and fourth week of enrollment25%
After the fourth week of enrollment0%
Application fee non-refundable
Graduation Fee

£100.00 (payable on the issuance & notarization of degree & transcripts)
The Asia & Africa Studentship Award (AASA)

The American University Of London offers a £1000 scholarship, off the total program fee to financially deserving, and academically qualified students from a number of African nations and from the following countries:


Applications for AUOL bursaries should be made upon receipt of an offer from the university. No award of a bursary will be considered until then.

Students who pay the reduced fees are liable for their supervisor’s professional fees if said supervisor is chosen by the student and is not a member of the University’s Adjunct Faculty.

Accredited Supervisor Locations

الخميس, يوليو 18th, 2013


In order to facilitate the research and supervision of candidates for higher degrees, AUOL has contracted and accredited, on an adjunct basis, a number of professors, lecturers and specialists in various fields located in many countries all over the world. This makes for easier communication between student and supervisor.
Accredited Supervisor Locations

Supervisory Positions Available

Further Supervisory Positions Available in Information Technology and Law. Please contact the Registrar.
Find Supervisors in Your Country

For a full list of AUOL accredited supervisors in your country please contact the Registrar.
Worldwide Adjunct Faculty
Accredited Supervisors
Prof. Michael Nimier, MA, PhD (Lond.)

PhD in Politics 1977. His doctoral adviser was the late Prof. P.J Vatikiotis ; his thesis has been widely quoted since
MA in Area Studies 1973
His undergraduate studies were in Business & Management
Prof Nimier has been involved in international education as a teacher and administrator for over forty years. He has had a number of articles published in journals and newspapers around the world.

Dr. Robert Ray Hill, DBA
Oxford Association of Management
Business Administration -USA Dr. Usama S. Saleh,
University Of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky
Nursing & Nursing Education Stephen Gardiner, MA, PhD (Candidate) American University of London TEFL- UK Mr. Afram A. Melki, MBA University of La Verne, La Verne, California, USA Management
David Vosper, BA, MA, P/G CE
University of Warwick, UK
Marketing Prof. Waleed Kazziha,
The American University in Cairo
Political Science- Egypt Dr. Ibrahim Elnur, Associate Professor, American University in Cairo.International Relations Ayman Asfour, MSc University Of West Florida, USA Computer Science & Information Systems
Dr. Mohammad Kamal, PhD
American University of London
Arabic Studies Prof. Kamil S. El-Digs, PhD in Arabic & Islamic Studies
Cairo University
AUOL Accredited Supervisor/Examiner- Saudi Arabia Reza Haeri, MBA American University of London Accredited Supervisor/Examiner Information Technology- Iran John E. Ruggiero, PhD Madison University, USA Educational Administration
Raul Valverde, PhD
McGill University Montreal QC Canada
Information Technology- Mexico Prof. Michael Nimier, MA, PhD
SOAS- University of London
Political Science & International Relations Helen Osieja, PhD American University of London International Relations Hassan Faruk Al Imran, LLB Barrister of Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, London Law
Abdullah Talal Shunnaq, PhD
University of Manchester, UK
Linguistics/Arabic- English Translation Dr. Sam Man Keong , PhD (Eng), PhD (EngMgt) Engineering Management Dr. Sahle Worke, DBA Frankfurt University Of Applied Science, Frankfurt, Germany Economics and Finance Roger Paul Bradburn, MBA, PhD (Candidate) Lancaster University Management School Business and Management
Mamdouh Abd Awakil Montaser, PhD
Liverpool University, UK
Statistics Dr. Donald Ah Pak, BBA, MBA, CMBA, PhD (Candidate)
Liaoning Technical University Fuxin, Liaoning Province, China
Corporate Management Mario Pellegrino, MBA Schiller International University International Business Zuhair Ibrahim Mohammed, University of Gizira, Sudan Computer Science- Sudan
Dietmar Kielnhofer, PhD, MBA
American University of London
Hotel & Hospitality Management- Austria Michael David Kaluy, MBA. BUAD. IBUS
Dallas Baptist University, Texas
International Business- Africa Prof Liartha S Kembaren, PhD, EdD, DBA La Salle University, Louisiana Marketing- Indonesia Ahmad Muaz Qamar, MSc University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, USA Computer Engineering
Dr. Anastasis D. Petrou, PhD
University of California, Los Angeles, California
Information Science -USA Professor Dr. Mohd Shaff Bin Suhaimi, DBA, Fellow of Islamic Banking and Finance Institute
Banking & Finance- South East Asia Christina L. Slattery, MBA University of Connecticut, Stamford, Connecticut Accounting And Finance Mariusz Bobrowski, MBA Szkola Glówna Handlowa (Warsaw School Of Economics) Management- Poland
Professor Timothy Ka-cheong, LAI Dip PS, BBA (HRM), MBA, FPMA (Hon)
The Chinese University
Human Resource Management Professor Dr. Sadiq Hussain, PhD Electronic Engineering
University of Warwick, UK
Computer & Network Engineering Tetsuo Paul Shibagaki, PhD American University of London Linguistics- Japan Syed Mutiullah Hussaini, MSc, PhD (Candidate) Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah, Saudi Arabia Computer Science
Rania Mousa, MBA, BBA
Stuart Graduate School of Business, Illinois
Finance & International Business- Egypt Hesham Hafiz Elshazli, MBA, BBA, PhD (Candidate)
American University of London
Business & Management- Middle East Sir. Linjie Chou, Cloverfield university D.H.L Stockholm University BBA Business and Management China Saeid Alizadeh Hesari, BA, MSc, PhD Tehran Azad University; University of Stamford, London; American University of London Business- Iran
Michael David Kaluya, MBA
Dallas Baptist University, Texas
International Business Dr. Adil A. Hamid, PhD Public & Business Administration
University of North Texas
AUOL Accredited Supervisor/Examiner- Saudi Arabia & Gulf Prof Yousif Sddik Hassan, MSc, PhD Michigan State University- USA AUOL Academic Director- Yemen Dr. Ibrahim Dhahi Al-Dhahi, PhD Bahrain BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT
Dr. Donald Ah Pak, BBA, MBA, CMBA, PhD (Candidate)
Liaoning Technical University Fuxin, Liaoning Province, China
Business and Management- China Dr. Abbas Monavvarian, PhD
Flinders University of South Australia
Public Administration- Iran Dr.Hany Ahmed Hassan Abdelwahab, PhD SAUDI ARABIA BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT Dr. Roland Kok-Kheng Yeo, DBA, Doctor Of Business Administration currently King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals-Saudi Arabia Management
Rami Mustafa, MSc
Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, UK
Arabic-English Translation and Interpreting Dr. Lamya Ramadan, PhD English Literature
Prince Sultan University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
English/Arabic Dr. Mohamed Othman Mahmoud Ibrahim, PhD Law AUOL International Commercial Law Dr. Sam Bayyuk, PhD Palestine English/Arabic Translation
Professor Dr. Sadiq Hussain, PhD
Warwick University, UK
Computer Science Dr. Mahitab Mekkawi, PhD, MA
American University of London; Sorbonne University, Institut De Droit
Sociology Dr. Hany Anwar Teleb Ibrahim, PhD Manama, Bahrain Systems Management and IT Prof. BAIA Loris, PhD International Centre for the Study of Psychology, Nutrition, Physical education and Physical therapy. Italy. Psychology
Lesley Anita Willner, PhD
University College London, UK
Health Care Studies Assistant Professor Dr. Settapong Malisuwan, PhD
State Univ. System of Florida
Information Technology South East Asia Dr Robert McGeehan, MA University of London United States Studies Islam Mohamed Hussein Ahmed Ali El-Nahas, BSc Alexandria University Mechanical Engineering
Giselle Katherine Zarifis-Sutton, MA
Schiller International University, England
International Hotel & Travel Management Judy D. Kelly, MSc
London School of Economics, UK
Human Resource Management for the Hospitality Industry Khaled F. Ezzat, MA, MSc American University of London Businesss Information Technology Andrew Rees-Cook, F.H.C.I.M.A Powys College Hotel Keeping and Catering
Ubaid Ulla, MBA
PG Business Management Diploma in Marketing
Hotel Front Office Management Dr. Muhammad Ahsan (FRSA), PhD International Relation
Nottingham Trent University, UK
International Relation- UK Maxine Robertson, BA London Metropolitan University Education Fadi Nanu, MBA American University of London Business Administration
Nicholai Blagih, MSc Engineering
Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California
Project and Systems Management Arthur H. Pitz, PhD History
Professor Emeritus Black Hawk College Moline, Illinois
Modern Middle East Dr. Om Kumar Harsh, DSc, PhD Agra University, India Computational Physics Mazhar M. El-Sheikh, MBA, PhD Lancaster University Business Management
Deryl E. Gulliford, MHA, FAAMA, PhD
Greenwich University, UK
Health & Hospital Administration Michelle Mckeown, MSc Counselling
West Chester University, Pennsylvania
Counselling & Psychology Christopher R. Campbell, PhD American Coastline University Financial Management Khaled Mohamed Shawky, BA University of Alexandria English
Mohamed A. EL-Kenawy, PhD
University of Ain Shams,Cairo, Egypt
Public International Law Dr. James Stone, PhD
The American University in Cairo, Dept of English
Creative Writing Hany Ahmed H. Abdelwahab, MBA, PhD American University of London Business Administration Dr. Amir Zeid, BSc, PhD Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada Computer Science
Vincent Bellino, PhD Management
Concordia College and University
Safety & Health Robin Wooldridge, Honorary PhD
Cosmopolitan University
English Samir Ramzy Attia, BA, MBA Sadat Academy, Cairo Marketing Mahmoud Atta Alla Sayed Mahmoud, BA Ain Shams University English Language and Literature
Ashraf Said Ahmed Hassan Elsafty, MBA
Arab Academy for Science & Technology 2002
Management Egypt Richard E. Philips, LLB, MA
LLB Univivesity of London
Law Dr Saleh AlGhamdi, BSc, MBA, PhD American University of London Business Administration Scott Bradfield, BA, PhD University of California, Irvine, USA English
Dr. Spyros A. Sofos, PhD
University of Kent, Canterbury, UK
Political Science/International Relations Professor Dr. S. Mustafa Dorbayani (F.I. A. S. – AUOL), MSc, DBA, PhD Professor of International Management
International Management Dr. Hani K. Daas, PhD Arab Regional Center for Training and Consulatation, Cairo, Egypt Business Danos Konstantinos, BSc, MSc, PhD City University, London Information Systems
Kamrul Hossain, MBA, LLM
University of Aix-Marseille-III, France; University of Helsinki
International Law Peter V. Christensen, MBA, PhD
Senior Tutor, Sport and Leisure
Hospitality and Hotel Management Elham Hasan Linjawi, BA, MSc, PhD The American University of London Human Resource Management Sarah Abdel Fattah El-Degheidy, MA Ein Shams University, Cairo English Literature
Prof. Dr. Eliezer Hernawan Hardjo, MBA, PhD
Kennedy Western University, Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA
Business Administration- Indonesia Audrey Lawe-Lavrut, MSc, BBA
American University of London
Information Technology- UK Firas Moussa, BBA, MBA UWO – Richard Ivey School of Business, Canada Marketing/General Management Hahn Martin Ignatius Maria, MSc, PhD Knightsbridge University, Copenhagen, Denmark Orginisational Sociology
Anna-Marie Rautenbach, MBA
Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa
Hospitality Management- South Africa Dr. Wang Jizheng (David J. Wang), PhD
Honolulu University of Arts & Sciences
Educational Management- China Dr. Vernita Boyd, BBA, MBA, PhD North Park University Business Administration Ghazi Ben Ayed, BSc, MSc, PhD HEC Lausanne University, Switzerland Information Technology and Orginsation
Dr. Chan Kok Chuen, DBA, Alvin
MBA, Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, UK
Business Administration- Singapore Dr. Christelle Claire Beck, Juris Doctorate, MA, BA
Ohio State University
International Law Robert E. Wells, MA Royal Institute Fine Art Haddad Farid, BSc, MBA, PhD American University of London Business Management
Allan James Payne, MSc, BSc Engineering, MBCS, MIBTEIT & Computer Sciences Kim Leathem, BA, MA
University of Illinois, Chicago
Languages (Spanish) Helmy El Sayed Ismail, BBA, MBA, PhD Candidate ESLSCA University, France International Business Administration O.V.C. Okene, LLB, LLM, PhD Candidate University of Essex Law
Timothy Ka-Cheong Lai, MBA
Columbia Southern University, USA
Human Resource Management- Hong Kong Pietro Grassi, PhD Philosophy, License in Theology
Pontifical Laterno University, Rome
Theology & Philosophy Sameh Reda, BA University of Cairo, Egypt Commerce Irfan F. Khan, PhD Kennedy Western University, USA MIS Program
Prof K Vijayaratnam, MSc Engineering, Professor/Dean School of Engineering Management
Sustainable Development and Public Policy Dr. El Sadig Hammad M. Mohamadean, PhD, LLB Law (Islamic Sharia & Common Law)AUOL Accredited Supervisor/Examiner- Sudan Sarah Mahmoud Hussein, BA Ain Shams University, Egypt English Language and Literature Mohamed Zaki Khafagi, BA Cairo University Srtuctural Engineering
Maryam Golestanian, PhD Law
University of Panthéon – Sorbonne
International Business Law Dr. Waleed Al Sabhan, PhD
King’s College, London
Information Technology Mirette El-Sayed, MA The American University in Cairo Professional Development Dr. Randolph Metz-Johnson, MBA, MCIM, PhD Promotions International Marketing Management Enterprise
Tony Ade-Banjo, MSc Development Studies
South Bank University, London
Development Studies S. Waheed Ahmad, HNC, DAE, PhDMechanical Eng. Logistics & Transport Management- Turkey Nina Abdul Razzak, PhD Walden University, Minnesota, USA Educational Technology AbdelAziez Mohamed AbdelAziez Shoera , BBA School of Business Accounting
John Harrison, MBA
Organizational Management Culinary Institute Of America , Hyde Park , New York
Hospitality Management Jean-Francois Le Hay, MA Economics, PGD International Trade and FinanceEconomics & International Business MR NARWAS SADIK AL-HAMWI, MSc AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF LONDON Information Technology Engr. Nawras Sadik Al-Hamwi, MSc American University of London Information Technology
Daniel Adrian Doss, PhD Computer Science
Computer Resources and Information Management
Information Systems Management Dr. Mohammad Reza Ashraf Modarres, PhD, MS
American University of London, University of Stamford (LITR)
Dr. Ali Akbar Samie Azar , PhD
Director- School of Science & Technology
Resident Supervisor/Examiner- Iran Paula Tripp, CMAA, CMBC, RHE, MOUS
Master Authorized Instructor
Computing and Information Technology Dr Muna Sanan, PhD American University of London Health Care Management Dr Muna Sanan, PhD American University of London Health Care Management
Hassan R. Abdel-Jawad, PhD
University of Pennsylvania
Linguistics Dr. S.Hathrill, MA, PhD
American University of London
English Dr Muna Sanan, PhD American University of London Health Care Management Dr Seyed Morteza Sajjadian, PhD BASHIR EL-MODAB INSTITUTE TEHRAN International Business & Management
Dr. Christopher Michael Hughes, MA, PhD
American University of London
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Dr. Rana Gumaa Sabbah, PhD American University Of London Business and Management Dr Soha Abdelmaksoud Mwafi, PhD American University Of London Business and Management
American University of London
Business Management, Webster University, Switzerland
Dr. Siham Abdulaziz A El Kuhaimi, PhD
Saudi Arabia
Business- Accredited External Examiner/Supervisor Dr. Kazi F. Hussain, PhD
University of Houston Texas
Hotel, Hospitality & Tourism Management Dr Hooshang Nasserzadeh , PhD Iran Business Administration Dr M R Haghighifard , PhD AUOL Management & Educational Administration
Omar Mohammed Al-Hefdi, MBA
American University of London
Information Technology- Saudi Arabia Nina Kullander, MBA
C. Corornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA
Prof. Dr USAMA AHMED EL-BAHNASAWY, PhD AL AZHAR UNIVERSITY CAIRO Professor and Chairman Dept. of Agric Economics, AlAzhar University Prof. Dr USAMA AHMED EL-BAHNASAWY , PhD Al-Azhar university -Cairo Professor and Chairman Dept. of Agric Economics, Dr. Waddah El-Hajj, , PhD Central de Inteligência Acadêmica – Brazil Quality Management Dr. Nadia Salim Hmeidan, , PhD Central de Inteligência Acadêmica – Brazil Financial Managem

Welcome to AUOL A – message from the academic registrar

الخميس, يوليو 18th, 2013

Welcome to AUOL
A message from the academic registrar

Why Distance Learning ?

Very few people can afford to give up work to start studying, and with university fees at an all-time high, learning via traditional methods is beyond reach for many.

This exciting alternative in higher education holds for you the promise of professional and personal growth without any limits or boundaries.


The American University Of London was originally founded in 1984 as the American College of Science & Technology. AUOL, the international distance learning center, which was subsequently incorporated as an independent Online and Distance Learning University in 1999 has six Schools: Business, IT, Law, Education & Liberal Arts, Humanities, and English.

AUOL is a private international institution; we are not a British University (nor are we in any way associated with the University of London) and we do not award British qualifications. The University is specialized in Distance Learning education (in other words an “open” university).

Distance learning is rapidly becoming the preferred alternative, and AUOL has quickly become established as one of the pioneers in the field .


The University‘s academic staff are highly qualified and experienced. They are accustomed to working with executives, managers and consultants employed in both the private and public sectors.


All of our distance learning courses have been designed to the most exacting standards, in accordance with the most stringent criteria, in order to provide outstanding education at an affordable price while ensuring that individual needs are met and that your distance learning experience is both enjoyable and beneficial. Our modules are your own personal tutor at home .

AUOL’s unique, style of distance learning is called directed coursework study . This means that you study on your own, either at home or wherever suits you with regular ongoing support from your designated supervisor.

You will be taught through printed modules – study materials, specially written textbooks or workbooks, audio CDs and video DVDs.

When your program starts, you’ll receive your modules by post./courier .Effective 1st of January 2010, all AUOL modules have been available to students in e-format and may be sent to you as a PDF attachment to your emails.

You will purchase the modules at £ 50.00 per module and they are yours to keep and to refer to whenever you wish.

All modules will direct you to the relevant websites where additional resources will be available. Sometime there will be books you have to buy yourself or borrow from a local library. If required we are happy to do this on your behalf. You’ll get a study timetable that will help you plan your reading, and assignments due dates.

With our unique, world-leading style of distance learning, AUOL enables you to study from home, work or even on the move, at a time that suits you. With a wide choice of qualifications, at undergraduate and postgraduate level, AUOL offers the choice and flexibility you need.


Haji A Haji Saman


International Relations

Country: Brunei

“The level of support is fantastic and the modules are brilliant. It’s such a wonderful learning experience”


You’ll need regular and reliable access to the internet and a computer so that you can have easy communication with your personal supervisor. Having an email is essential so that we can send you important information relevant to your studies.


An assignment is a piece of written work or answers to a set of questions, covering material from your module. Completing assignments helps you to consolidate and use what you have learned. All assignments are sent directly to your tutor for appraisal and grading.

Some modules include other types of written assignments, such as project work or dissertations.



Ugo Di Francesco

Business Administration

Country : Italy

“If you have money worries or work commitments, studying remotely can help you stay in education,”

Surveys over the years have shown that a degree earned through a non-campus University with a strong reputation such as the American University of London, can be just as useful as one from a traditional school. A recent report by the UK Institute for Fiscal Studies found that, on average, men with first degrees earned around 15% more than male non-graduates with similar backgrounds and levels of ability.

Stanford Professor Jeffrey Pfeffeer in a recent article on traditional business schools in the Academy of Management Learning & Education writes, “Little of what is taught to students in “traditional” business schools prepare them for the corporate workplace. You have to question what goes on in the years it takes to get an MBA”. Even if a degree has no connection whatsoever with a job that has been applied for, having the credentials that make you a Bachelor, Master or Doctor are what you really need to get that better position and higher salary.

Here is your opportunity to improve your status and your employment prospects. We live in a competitive world. The following pages provide an introduction to AUOL .programs.

I hope that you will join us soon.

S. E Grimes , MA
The American university of London

Apply Online Please complete the form below and submit your application online.

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